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Nikon D5600 Vs D3500

Although the Nikon D5600 is similar to the D3500 however, the D3500 features a higher number of auto-focusing point. The D5600 is equipped with 39 AF areas, while the D3500 just has eleven. The D5600, on the other however, is equipped with only 11 AAF points. The D5600 makes a great choice for those looking for a new camera. It has a larger articulating touchscreen and has a superior in terms of resolution. 1.037 million dots. Both cameras come with 37 AF points, which make them similar to each other.

The D3500 is a good option for those who are new to photography using digital. It has a fixed 18-55mm zoom lens that costs less than $500. The D3500 can be used with ease. The D5600 is, on the contrary is more powerful and has features such as an LCD that rotates as well as an external microphone port.

They differ with regard to their approach to various tasks that is the reason they are their cameras so distinctive. The D3500 is a great photographer, while the D5600 is a superb general-purpose camera. Both cameras come with single-point AF techniques and are good portrait shooters. Though the D3500 has a faster speed however, it's slower with autofocus and doesn't have the ability to lock focus on things that are located at the center or the center of the picture.

Both cameras support recording video, however the Nikon D5600 is better at low light than the D3500. The images are clear bright and vivid, with low pixel noise, even up to ISO 3200. The D3500 has excellent video capabilities that is suitable for prints as well as posts to Facebook. But the difference between the two cameras is in the way they handle video and audio.

While the D5600 can be used as an entry-level camera, it is superior than the D3500. The D3500 nevertheless, is a great choice for anyone that is new to photography. Although both cameras can produce amazing photos, the D3500 is the best camera in videography. Also, you can record videos using both. On the D3500 model, you are able to make videos only if you want.

Both cameras are alike in quality, despite the fact that they cost more. The D3500 has the same capabilities as the D5600. The D5600 offers more direct access to the shooting parameters. Additionally the D3500 features a better autofocus. This is a good choice if you want to take superior photos of subject movement. The D3500 is cheaper than the D3600. Many photographers prefer the D5600 as it is easier to use , and provides more manual control.

The D3500 is a superb camera for beginners. The camera's weight and size make it an ideal choice for travel. Both cameras have the ability to take excellent photos, but the D5600 is able to capture superior video. The D3500 is able to record video at higher speeds. The D5600 also has it's own 3.5mm audio output. It requires the right microphone for recording videos.


There are two models: the D3500 and D5600 both have the capability of producing high-quality images, however the D5600 is a better choice to serious photographers. With its 24-megapixel camera, the D5600 is it an extremely popular option. Each camera has advantages as well as drawbacks. In contrast, the D5600 offers more options.

The D5600's LCD screen measures bigger at 3.2 inch. The LCD has a higher resolution as well as the ability to tilt. The D5600 features a better focus capabilities and has more versatility. The D3500 comes with the fixed LCD. However, the D5600 flips and has a larger 2.7-inch touchscreen. It's much simpler to look at images on the D5600 as opposed to the D3500.

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