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The best stone bracelets in Thailand

Besides stone bracelets, the shop also has rings and other accessories as well. That is, customers can choose to design a bracelet to be their own style. Regardless of gender, you can wear it and look good. Because stone bracelets are jewelry that have a unisex character that anyone can wear and look good. Looks cool too By the popular stones that people choose to design stone bracelets, there are 2 types: Blue Tiger Eye, which is meant to give consciousness. Lapis Lazuli is one of the most popular stones to bring wealth, fortune and good things to life. You can design it with other charms as well. Pixiu, The Vijittra Ramayana collection, กำไลหิน other Spacer or the brand's H - The Signature Charm, which makes this bracelet the only one in the world.

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