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6 ways to look at stone bracelets Is it a real stone or not?

Believe that many people like stone bracelets. There must be a question in your mind that The stone that we choose to buy is genuine or not. Today, Preeyaporn shop has a way to choose a real stone bracelet to leave each other.

1. Real stone will have weight. not as light as plastic
2. Real stone beads have different colors and patterns because each bead is a natural pattern.
3. Real stone is burnt and will not change color or shape.
4. Real stones are cold in themselves. Even if you put it in the sun or burn it, it will take a long time to get hot.
5. If viewed with a telescope Real stone does not have air bubbles like plastic or resin.
6. Real stones when clashing will sound like when we take out a pebble. rocks collide

And this is how to see the genuine stone, not authentic, the original version of Preeyaphorn shop. For กำไลหิน customers who buy stones from our shop, you can feel at ease. Because our stones come from reliable sources. And we've even burned stone fires to prove it :)

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